2012 Life
April 22nd - How my weekend went -



  • Finished ‘The Notebook’
  • Did 45 min. of cardio (which was more like circuit training) on NTC
  • Went on a walk with Henry and Bitto
  • Started on Henry’s birthday card (that he doesn’t know about)


  • Was supposed to start the day off with a Koko Head hike w/ Henry but weather delayed the plan :(
  • Finished math portfolio
  • Did 45 min. of cardio/circuit training on NTC
  • Went to Thai House & Fun Factory with Henry and got only 131 tickets :( But it’s okay!
  • Started on Ideal Mate paper

I love love love productive days. :D


March 1st -

*Both walking*
Him: “My bag is so heavy”
Me: “‘cause you brought your textbooks haha”
Him: *stops by trash can* “Hold on, I need to like, clean out my crap.” *starts taking out trash from pockets*
Me: “Oh okay”
Him: *bends down to take trash out from duffel bag*
Me: “You throw trash in your bag?”
Him: (i forgot what he said) *takes out flowers and gives it to me* “Here, maybe that’s why my bag’s so heavy.”

March 7th -
*laying down*
Me: "Are you gonna let me go now?"
Him: "I never want to let you go."
Me: "But you have to today"
Him: "I don't want to let you go ever. For the rest of your life."
Me: *just smiles*
Him: "How are you so beautiful?"
Me: *smiles* (said something I don't want to put here)
Him: "You're beautiful either way"
Me: "Really"
Him: "Yeah. You are beautiful. I would've told you it the first time I met you but I figured you already knew."
Me: "Haha you're so lame. The first time you met me? The first time you talked to me or the first time you saw me?"
Him: "The first time I saw you. I knew I wanted you."
Me: "That was the first day I came up."
Him: "Pretty much."
Me: "You didn't even talk to me haha"
Him: "I know. Maybe I was scared. I would've though."
Me: "Really, you were nervous?"
Him: "Maybe.."
Me: "Yes you were. You gave me weird stares actually."
Him: "I know I did. That was my way of staring at you."
Me: "Hahahaha what?"
Him: "Yeah, I gave you weird stres so it wouldn't look like I was staring at you. I also thought you were weird, but I wanted to look at you too haha."
*silence for a while but later on*
Me: "I remember when you asked me to prom... I felt like I didn't have a 50/50 choice. Like I just felt like i had to say yes or else I'd regret it"
Him: "What if you said no?"
Me: "Then I wouldn't be here right now."
Him: "I thought you were gonna say no actually."
Me: "Why?"
Him: "'cause it was like... random. I almost wasn't gonna ask you either."
Me: "What, why?"
Him: "'cause I was being a little bitch."
Me: "What do you mean?"
Him: "I would've asked you way earlier."
Me: "Why didn't you?"
Him: *shrugs* "I don't know, scared? And I told myself that if I lost a match I wouldn't ask you. And I lost a match. So yeah, almost wasnt gonna ask."
Him: "I'm glad I did though"
Me: :P
Him: "I can't believe I met you. I mean there were so many things that could've prevented it. Could you imagine if I continued taking the number 1 bus. Or if I didn't lose my bike."
Me: "Your bike? What does that have to do with this?"
Him: "When I had my bike, I would go straight home. Like I wouldn't hang out at tables, that's why you never saw me. I'm glad I lost my bike. I almost never lost it you know. Like I knew I didn't have my lock and I was deciding whether I should bring my bike to 7-eleven or not. And I chanced it."
Me: "Arent you also glad I joined?"
Him: "Well yeah that too."
Me: "I almost wasn't going to you know."
Him: "Yeah I know, coach told us."
Me: "Yeah he told you multiple times. But yeah, I didn't want to take the fat test hahaha"
Him: "I'm glad I met you."


March 8th -

I was walking to my Chemistry class after school to turn in his and my lab reports and on the way there I saw Vance, for which he gave me the first poem. I read it on the way to class and once I reached the stairs I saw him. I didn’t finish reading though so I received the second part outside of the class.


February 4, 2012(written on February 5)

Wow can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last entry. This is taking too much work haha.

Yesterday I woke up at 5 to get ready for the dual meet tournament held at McKinley(our home school). I made a, PB&Banana sandwich, PB&Honey sandwich, rice&scrambled eggs, and brought two apple bananas, 2 water bottles, 1 fruit punch nutrilite. Well it was pretty boring the tournament because I didn’t wrestle :l. I haven’t wrestled ANY dual meet tournaments which SUCKS ‘cause I feel so out of it now. I only had one exhibition last tournament and it sucked ‘cause I lost when i should’ve won. I’m so nervous, Easterns is next week and i’m scared I won’t place high enough. After the tournament, Henry and I walked to Tutti Frutti ‘cause he “wanted Milk Tea” but since I didn’t get anything, he got a $9.49 worth of yogurt -_-.  Then we went to chill at his house after and watched Office Space and had Hot Cheetoes and Pho :D and we just slept or tried to for a while and I didn’t want to leave but I had to :(

January 7, 2012

Ugh had to wake up at 4:30am today for a tournament ~_~ guess everyone woke up at the same time ‘cause I got 4 other texts saying good morning or replying to my question. Well woke up and brushed my teeth and prepared food for the tournament! :) PB&Honey sandwich, rolls of rice wrapped in seaweed, 2 taro rolls, a peeled orange, a small bag of cheerios, and 2 water bottles. Got to school at 5 something and weighed myself at 114.5 so I had to run -_- First did a few stairs, then just went in the wrestling room and ran back and forth in the room and curled in a ball. Also did some cartwheels and pushups. And had to spit. The bus came at 6:30 something and we were off to Leilehua. I was hoping to sweat so I curled in a ball on the way there and tried to sleep but it was cold so didn’t work. Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous. Especially when I was warming up. When we first got there, I was 114.0. Then warmed up and as we were practicing I was so crappy. Seriously felt like I was not gonna win a single one. Then after we did weigh-ins and I turned out to be 113.7 ^_^. ate a banana and drank a half my bottle of water ‘cause I was so thirsty from not wanting to risk gaining weight. We warmed up again and I felt pretty crappy. I went outside to check the brackets and I was wrestling Waipahu, Leilehua, and Kamehameha. I was wrestling the Waipahu girl and she was pretty strong actually. But during the first round I tried to pin her but it turned out I made her cry kinda and only got near fall. Then the second round I pinned her again but I didn’t get the points either?? Idk why I couldn’t get her other shoulder on the mat. But turns out I injured her. And won by default. She couldn’t wrestle the second match but I don’t really know what I did. Sorry girl :( it was 17-5 though so i think i did pretty gooThe almost won by tech fall. The second round I had a bye, don’t know where she went but whatevers haha. Then the third round I wrestled Kamehameha and the girl looked intimidating but when we wrestled she wasn’t that good(no offense). She’ll get way better later though ‘cause its tried to half her but idk what happened ‘cause she was halfway there. So I cradled her instead and won. So my day at the tournament was pretty good. Last tournament I won nothing ~_~ lost 4. So we showered there and my clean underwear dropped in the shower so I had to reuse the one I was wearing. And we were supposed to go to Punahou to cheer the boys on but they supposedly were finishing up too so we just went back to school. And the guy came a bit later. Henry turned out to be injured in his ribs. Idk what’s wrong with it but it hurts when he does certain things like stand up or sit down or open doors. Well after the guys showered we all just hung out in the room for a bit and then Henry and I went to watch movies. He didn’t let me pay for myself -____-” I’ll sneak it in his bag one day. We saw Mission Impossible and it was pretty good. He got a large popcorn and two medium drinks -_- he ate 2/3 of the popcorn though ‘cause I made him hehe. Movie started at 3:55 and ended at about 6 maybe? Then we went for a walk by the beach and he was still hungry so I gave him the rest of my sandwich. And he got tired so we went to nordstrom in Ala Moana to sit down and started tweaking on shoot bubble. Sucks ‘cause he almost beat this hard level. Then I had to go and we usually fist bump when we say bye but today I felt like I should’ve hugged him instead :( sorry Henry.. Next time! Went to get milk tea with my sister, got home and ate a small bowl of pasta and called it a day :)

January 6, 2012

Can’t believe it’s fridaaaaay! ^_^ but tomorrow we have a tournament :l… Hope we do good, especially me ‘cause losing sucks. Stupid Henry, he wouldn’t hang up so we were literally on the phone the whole night. All the way to morning. Weighed myself in the morning and I was 115 1/2. Then made some oatmeal w/ cane sugar and bananas, took a dump, re-weighed myself and was 115. Math was pretty boring today, we had a gallery walk of the lines that tell stories thing we did and I was so damn tired in was ready to knockout. And history too. I actually fell asleep in history. It was too boring in photography especially ‘cause I couldn’t keep awake. We got grade checked today and I have 3 Bs and 3 As. One of my Bs is an 88% -_- so close. And the other I deserved an A. But mrs. Morneau is the most retarded teacher ever because I got an A on most of the work but I’m late to class too much apparently. Its not even that much. Damn it -_- what the hell. Well practice was super light today but I still lost 1.5 pounds. So I was 114.5 after practice so coach made me, Jessica, and jojo run and we did stairs. I noticed Henry has this thing about sending me a whale text after I shower :P oh wells I’m not complaining. Well we went to sears after just ‘cause LOL we were just tickling, having mini playful fights and trying to sleep. Everyone passing kept talking about us and looking and one guy actually told the worker and they said something about waking us up. Forgot. Holy crap while I was tickling him, I noticed he had the hardest abs ever like whoa. Scares me sometimes how strong he is. Or maybe not scared, maybe surprised. Well went home after and my dinner was an orange, a banana, and some mango salad. Would’ve ate more but I’m supposed to “eat light” to make weight. So lame. of all things I had to join….. Lol. Me: “Sigh. Of all things, I just had to pick the one where I gotta watch my weight ~_~” Him: “Lol sucks, you’ll like this sport no matter whattt” Me: “Will I :P” Him: “Yes Tammy you will :) Until your senior year” Me: “LOL If you say so Henry” Him: “Yea you’ll join again, yes you will” Tournament tomorrow… Pretty scared the girls are gonna be like the guys and just constantly go and do something at all times. Hope 114 is a better weight class for me :/ Bleh… Wish me luck~ >_<

January 3, 2012

Well started this day off pretty lame because sit was so boring before I got to practice. And I had to wear sweats to practice so it was super hot. Practice wasn’t that bad but it gets boring. We were supposed to do bleachers today but thank god we didn’t. Probably will do it tomorrow ‘cause it’s Wednesday. Ahhhhh I hope not :(. But after practice was nice. ‘cause we went to menchies and I wanted to walk around the field and Henry was kinda playfully mad so he was gonna pick me up and run across the field. We went to menchies and since I treated him the day before, he wanted to treat me today :p which he did I guess. And then we were just sitting there enjoying each others company for a while. Then we walked to ala moana and while waiting for my sister, we just laid/sat around on sears couches and had a little pillow fight and stuff. And we kinda just fell asleep on each other or tried to fall asleep. But my sister said to walk to Aldo so we had to start walking :( But today overall was pretty good!

January 2, 2012

Well I’m writing this on the 3rd hahaha. I didn’t wanna go to practice today ~_~ But my sister’s fiancé drove to ala moana and I met up with Henry there to walk to school. Fricking guy, he got a large Italian deluxe sub at Charley’s. And ended up weighing 119 at practice LOL but he told coach he was 118.5. I came in at 117 flat and finished at 115.5. Practice wasn’t that bad I guess but it sucked going live, I kept losing ~_~. ESPECIALLY when we lined up by weights and I lost to Cruz. Cruz!!!!!! He’s not bad but I can’t believe I lost to him. I’m paying him back tomorrow if we have practice and not just conditioning. Well after practice Henry Jojo William and I went to tutti frutti. And it was so funny ‘cause Henry wanted some so bad but he couldnt ‘cause he had to make weight. But I bought some for him anyways and he was all mad ‘cause I wouldn’t help him finish it :b Losaaah. He said he’ll treat me tomorrow but I’m not gonna let him hehe. He told me I was pretty :) Him: “Can’t imagine you in a bowl cut.” Me: “Omg hahaha good, don’t haha” Him: (playing with my hair) “I’m serious.” “You have such soft hair haha” Me: “I didn’t even brush it too.” Him: “Yeah like you don’t even need to take care of it.” Me: “I know.. I just use any kind of shampoo and conditioner haha.” Him: “That’s not fair” Me: “I was blessed with naturally good hair.” Him: “It’s so straight too and you don’t even use a straightener.” Me: “Is your hair naturally wavy?” Him: “So-so” Me: “Lucky I want wavy hair. Straight hair is so boring. And curling it takes so much work.” Him: “Hm I wanna see that one day, you with curly hair.” Me: “Maybe you will” *after a while* Him: “Plain black shirt… And sweats..” Me: “Omg what’s wrong with my shirt? :P” Him: “Nothing I don’t really mind” Me: “Do you really haha” Him: “Yeah. You’re pretty anyways :)” Well it made my day ‘cause he doesnt usually say that haha. Well after I met up with my parents to shop around walmart and SAMs club. Then we went home and called it a day.

January 1, 2012

I’m actually writing this on the 2nd but let’s just pretend I’m writing this on the 1st :b I basically spent all day with Henry. First we went hiking and on the way there, he gave me a box of hot chocolate lol ~_~ What a dork, I told him I wanted hot chocolate one day and he decided to buy me a box of it without telling me. Oh well, it was nice of him. We hiked at Manoa Falls and it was technically my first “real” hike I guess. Wasn’t so bad. It was pretty muddy but I didnt mind that much. Started at around 9 maybe? And ended at 11:30. It rained when we got to the waterfall but I didn’t mind haha. We were gonna go to the highest summit on the island where you could touch the clouds or something but it would’ve taken too long :( Maybe next time. Well after the hike we went to Paradise Park where we got a large shave ice (lychee, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, vanilla) and warmed up a bit in the sun. Then his mom picked us up and we went home. Later that day, we met up again at 5 to go eat dinner. He wore the dress shirt I gave him for Christmas :) Well he walked down the stairs of the bridge on my side, took out a flower(pink carnation) and said “For you.” which was sweet and totally unexpected of him :) then we walked to Anytime Cafe in Market City and he got Unagi on Fried Rice with salad on the side. I got Eggplant Parmesan Spaghettini. Then he got tiramisu after. After, we went to the park by ala wai even though my mom told me to go home :p I told her I was on my way even though I was going the opposite way hehe. Well we stayed for only like a few minutes then walked back. It was a pretty good New Year’s :)